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UK US somber uk ​ /ˈsɒm.bər/ us ​ /ˈsɑːm.bɚ/. › serious, sad, and without humour or entertainment: a sombre atmosphere/voice/face. The funeral was a sombre occasion. I left them in a sombre mood. Poker face - definition of poker face by The Free Dictionary Define poker face. poker face synonyms, poker face pronunciation, poker face translation, English dictionary definition of poker face. n. A face lacking any interpretable expression, as that of an expert poker player. pok′er·faced′ adj. n informal a face without expression, as that of a... Poker face | Definition of Poker face at A visage lacking any expression that can be interpreted, as in Whenever Betty attended one of her children's performances, she managed to keep a poker face.This term alludes to the facial expression of a poker player who is expert at concealing his feelings about his hand. Poker face - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

15+1 sentence examples: 1. In business a poker face can be very useful. 2. She managed to keep a poker face. 3. Albert, normally poker faced, wore a look of pure dismay.

Poker face definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Poker face definition: A poker face is an expression on your face that shows none of your feelings . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples How to use poker face in a sentence - WordHippo It's a poker face that's required in this game, ... What is the opposite of poker face? What is the meaning of the word poker face? Words that rhyme with poker face

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Poker Face (noun) : an impassive expression that hides one's true feelings. While you can hide your thoughts and feelings from everyone else, a lot of people will think you're arrogant and unemotional. In a lot of circumstances, it is helpful because you want to hide how you're feeling. But on the odd occasion where you are opening up to others,... PokerFace - definition of PokerFace by The Free Dictionary poker face - a face without any interpretable expression (as that of a good poker player) poker game, poker - any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand. countenance, visage - the appearance conveyed by a person's face; "a pleasant countenance"; "a stern visage". countenance - Dictionary Definition :

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Well, Chinese people are pretty utilitarian. So a person work well enough poker face would be not an important characteristic. I know you may see many Chinese with such expression. Mostly it only means they don’t think about or feel about anything for the time being. So they are not deliberately doing so. Poker face in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote ... 15+1 sentence examples: 1. In business a poker face can be very useful. 2. She managed to keep a poker face. 3. Albert, normally poker faced, wore a look of pure dismay.

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Define poker. poker synonyms, poker pronunciation, poker translation, English dictionary definition of poker. n. One that pokes, especially a metal rod used to stir a fire. n. Any of various card games played by two or more players who bet on the value of their...